welcome to dôme

Whether you’re returning to the workforce, a student looking for a part-time job with flexible hours or you’re starting or developing your hospitality career, Dôme Cafes offer a range of opportunities.

Saul kick started his career in hospitality with Dome after losing his previous job due to the pandemic. He’s doing a Cert III in Hospitality with Dome, and has worked his way up to being an Assistant Manager at Dome Maylands. 

Cody started with Dome while he was still at school, initially as work experience, and then working in the kitchen on Sundays, as well as learning how to make and serve coffee. He loves the social aspect of working in the dynamic café environment at Dome. 

Charlotte had been a full-time Mum for 10 years before returning to the workforce with her job at Dome. She’s a great example of how to find the right work-life balance so that you can enjoy both work and home life to the fullest. 

Garvyn startyed with Dome as a team member, then progressed to being an assistant manager, and with Dome’s training system and his commitment and hard work, he’s now a Café Manager. He’s working towards becoming an Operations Support Manager, and is building a very solid hospitality career. 

Raj was working in 5 star hotels in Kathmandu before being sponsored by Dome, along with 13 others, to come and work with us at Dome. When he started with us 14 years ago there was quite a small Nepalese population in Perth, but it’s grown significantly, as has the fantastic community of Nepalese staff in the Dome network. 

working with dôme

Great people are a key ingredient of Dôme’s success. We strive to create a place of welcome and comfort for all our guests and we can only do this with great people in our cafes. We like to reflect the local community in our teams and so welcome applications from all walks of life.

The key attributes we’re looking for are great personalities who appreciate the value of exceptional service and individuals who thrive working as part of a team.

With 70 cafes and growing, we have varied opportunities across Australia. From part-time roles whilst you’re studying, to careers in management – there is a role to suit your needs. The opportunities really are endless!


why join the dôme team?

We are a growing company with a sense of community built on vision, passion and pride. We like to create a place of comfort and welcome in which everyone is treated with equal respect, and that goes for our team and our guests. Creating a community within our cafes is down to the people that work there and we encourage you to have fun and be yourself. We offer a flexible, open and honest workplace in which you can flourish.