becoming a dôme franchisee

The Dôme brand has built its reputation over the years by providing all guests with a consistently high standard of good food, coffee and service. Dôme’s future relies on the expansion of our network of cafes throughout Australia and, to make this possible, we need the right people joining our business.

To help us assess your suitability please complete the following form and submit it for our consideration.

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    General Enquiry Information

    Why have you chosen to approach Dome as a business opportunity over other offers in the marketplace?

    What experience do you have in the hospitality environment?

    What is your experience in business ownership or management?

    What level of investment are you proposing, willing or able to make in this business?

    How do you intend to fund the establishment of this business?

    Do you intend to work in this business or employ a management team?

    How many years do you intend on being involved in this business?

    What is your understanding of the nature of the franchisee/franchisor relationship?

    Do you have a preferred location in mind?

    What timeframes are you working towards?

    Please attach any supporting documentation to your reply that you feel will enable us to better review your application, this may include previous business plans, a business resume, financial statements or written references.

    This information is confidential and will be treated as such.